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Verizon signed the "climate declaration" and joined Amazon and global optimization

verizon signed Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. we have the courage to promise the "climate declaration" for customer testing, and joined Amazon and global optimization

-- promising to achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement ten years ahead of schedule

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verizon (nyse:vz) announced today, The company has joined the climate pledge, an initiative jointly founded by Amazon (nasdaq:amzn) and global optimization, which promises to reach the goal of the Paris Agreement ten years ahead of schedule. The climate declaration calls on new Contracting organizations to achieve net zero carbon emissions in their operations by 2040, ten years ahead of the 2050 target in the Paris Agreement

verizon is moving smoothly towards the goal of carbon neutrality (including direct emissions (scope 1) and indirect emissions (scope 2)) by 2035, and has issued US $1billion of green bonds to invest in innovative solutions to accelerate the sustainable development of the company. This includes using 50% renewable energy to supply power for businesses by 2025, and reaching a new virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) on the new wind and solar power capacity of more than 380 MW, such as the year-on-year decrease of 12.4% and 13.7% for non-ferrous metal mining and smelting, respectively

hans vestberg, chairman and CEO of Verizon, said: climate change is a global challenge. It can be calibrated according to the user manual to affect everyone. Because of this, we think it is necessary to join the climate declaration. As a negative enterprise, the core of our values is to let future generations have a cleaner world. For Verizon, we are not limited to reducing our carbon footprint. Through our technology and network, we will bring innovative solutions to our customers, and then help the company and all sectors we serve to improve efficiency and build resilience

verizon and other enterprises signing the climate declaration agree to:

regularly measure and report greenhouse gas emissions

implement the decarbonization strategy through real business transformation and innovation in accordance with the Paris Agreement, including efficiency improvement, renewable energy, material reduction and other carbon emission elimination measures

neutralize all remaining carbon emissions through additional, quantifiable, real, lasting and socially beneficial offsets, so as to achieve net zero year carbon emissions by 2040

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, said: I am very happy that Verizon signed the climate declaration and promised to reach the goal of the Paris Agreement ten years ahead of schedule. Solving climate change requires innovation, leadership and cooperation. No one can do it alone. Verizon has set a positive goal to improve the energy efficiency of its businesses by 2025 and use 50% renewable energy to power its businesses. It is heading towards the goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040

Christiana Figueres, former head of the United Nations climate change work and founding partner of global optimization, said: with the worsening of the climate crisis, more and more enterprises will need to take this issue seriously, challenge themselves and decarbonize faster. Verizon is trying to speed up and race against time in the race to stop the planet from warming. Such measures will reduce emissions and mitigate the damage already done, and we must act immediately

by joining the climate declaration, Verizon promises to achieve the goal of decarbonization at a faster pace. Verizon will play an important role in stimulating investment in the development of low-carbon products and services, which are essential to help enterprises fulfill their commitments. For more information on Verizon's sustainability efforts, visit

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