The world's first mosquito repellent emulsion pain

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The world's first, insect repellent emulsion paint

the world's first, insect repellent emulsion paint

January 31, 2019

what if there are termites at home? On July 7, 2018, the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and prevention issued an urgent document, calling on Guangzhou residents to prevent a bug called Trypanosoma bugs, and even offering a reward of 8 yuan per bug. Because this bug is the disseminator of American trypanosomiasis, it is not easy to be detected after human infection, and the hiding period can even reach years, but if it is not treated in time, Acute phase may even lead to cerebral embolism or even sudden death, which is even called "new AIDS" in some European and American countries. As early as 2016, Shunde City, near Guangzhou, experienced a human sting incident by a stink bug. For a while, people began to be nervous, because Guangzhou has always been one of the cities with the largest number of migrant workers. Will the bugs be brought home with the tide of returning home during the national day and Spring Festival

this is the trypanoid bug that is offered a reward in Guangzhou City

human beings are disturbed by mosquitoes, flies, ants and other pests, which not only spread diseases, but also destroy goods and houses

what to do? One move to solve all problems

France's paint giant MAEs prepared the paint for spare parts in advance, launched a new type of insect repellent paint, and measured the products. The effect of Chinese paint is amazing

the whole experiment was carried out in accordance with the test standards of the French Ministry of agriculture. Four kinds of insect ants, namely housefly, Aedes aegypti, German cockroach and black brown ant, were selected. The experimental content: the four kinds of insect ants were tested and compared in the sample coated with insect repellent paint and the sample without insect repellent paint. The experimental data: the death rate and time consumption of insect ants were recorded

mosquitoes: 50 adult females are not pregnant, from the laboratory (orstom/who)

flies: 50 adults, from the laboratory (TEC – origin Wellcome)

ants: 25 adult black brown ant workers, from the laboratory (tec-2017)

the final experimental result data is

(3) about innovation and investment attraction

the schedule required for the experiment to prove that Messrs paint kills pests

the experimental report of Messrs paint

the experimental proof, Metz paint can not only repel insects and ants, but also even kill insects. According to Martine falquier, an engineer of Metz, this is the latest insect killing function researched by Metz. The principle is that the wall paint is porous, similar to the pores on human skin. Water can pass through these pores. During the formation of the film, the copolymer with insect killing function will pass through these pores with water. When the water evaporates, Once the insect touches the paint surface, the nervous system of the insect ant will be damaged and paralyzed

seeing this, some friends inevitably worry about whether such insect killing paint will be harmful to people and pets? Rest assured that this pest control coating is only effective for insects and ants and harmless to humans and animals. This coating meets the environmental protection standards of the European Union and the national standard gb/t9756 synthetic resin lotion interior wall coating

Mies paint insect killing paint wall paint

Mies, the largest paint manufacturer in Europe, has put high-end building coatings that sell well in France, Germany and Italy into the Chinese market, so that domestic customers can use graphene materials: graphene film, graphene modified anti-corrosion coating, graphene conductive heating fiber, graphene static conductive tire Graphene reinforced silver based electrical contact functional materials to enjoy the healthiest water-based coatings and functional coatings in Europe. The content of VOC, the core indicator of coating health, reached less than 1g/L, which is currently the lowest in the world. According to the data of decomposition of indoor formaldehyde coating, the innovative functional coatings such as pure plant coating and insect repellent coating have sold well in Europe for many years

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