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Vestas: we have great confidence in the Chinese market.

"China is the market we invest most in." In an exclusive interview with China industry news a few days ago, axensheng, President of Vestas China, said, "in the next few years, China will replace the United States as the world's largest wind power market. We have great confidence in the Chinese market and will grow together with the Chinese market."

as the world's largest wind power manufacturer, Vestas provided wind turbines for China's first wind farm in 1986, and thus entered China's wind energy industry. As of 2008, Vestas has installed 1749 wind turbines in 13 provinces in China, which can provide 1643 MW of power generation

Vestas China was founded in Beijing in 1999. In 2005, the enterprise established a procurement office in Shanghai, and then established a blade plant, engine room plant, generator plant, etc. in Tianjin. At present, there are still machinery plants and control system plants under construction

"we have inspected whether the pressure spring of the pressure stabilizing valve is invalid. We are committed to developing business in China and have entered the third stage of investment." Anxin Cheng told us that it includes the production areas and foundries under construction in Hohhot and Xuzhou. According to him, the production base in Hohhot is expected to be put into operation next year. "This base will produce 850 kW models. After putting into operation, 1000 850 kW fans can be produced every year."

"in addition to investing in the construction of the plant, there is another very important thing," Anxin Cheng stressed. "Vestas will need more than 1200 new employees in 2009. We have also made a lot of investment in human resources cultivation, and constantly improve the ability of local personnel in R & D, sales, service and other aspects that can be seen from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder."

referring to the rapidly developing domestic wind power manufacturing enterprises, Anxin Cheng prefers to call them "colleagues" rather than "competitors". "This kind of competition is good, because only competition can ensure the quality and reliability of the wind turbine and minimize the energy cost." Anxincheng said that as a global leader, the use of sheet molding compound (SMC for domestic scientific instruments is under the centralized management of government departments) composites can solve these problems. Vestas promised to share its rich professional knowledge and experience with its Chinese colleagues

according to the introduction, Vestas has 23% of the global market share and has installed more than 35500 fans in 63 countries on five continents, with an average of one installed every four hours. The company detects more than 23500 wind turbines in real time every day and has the largest wind energy database in the world. It has advantages in experience, technology, project management, supply chain and offshore wind power

Anxin Cheng told that earlier this year, a Chinese supplier won the honor of Vestas' best supplier in the world with its excellent performance and excellent product quality. "In a sense, we are constantly helping Chinese parts suppliers to improve to the international standard."

it is understood that Vestas is striving to build a complete industrial chain in China, providing full support for wind turbine manufacturing in Tianjin, Xuzhou and Hohhot. At the same time, the company continues to improve its purchasing capacity in China. At present, the localization rate of wind turbines has reached more than 80%, and the target is 100%

"I want to give a suggestion to China's wind power industry," said Anxin Cheng. "It is necessary to establish a production standard including safety standards and quality standards. It is not only for domestic manufacturers, but also for foreign manufacturers. If China's wind power industry has a unified standard, I believe that the industry can be more stable, mature and move towards benign development."

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