Most popular via alliance launches netnote referen

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Via Alliance launched the netnote reference design

in the GMB autumn, the sanitary status of shared items will become less ideal. At the technology forum, via showed that the design of the previous version of the netnote platform for inch size has expanded its scope, which brings users a new mobile experience centered on multimedia

recently, Taiwan, Taipei - Weisheng electronics, the world's leading innovative energy-saving x86 processor platform solution leader, today announced the cooperative design results based on the new Weisheng upper netnote platform. At the Weisheng GMB autumn forum held by Crowne Plaza Shenzhen, China, the netnote system was exhibited earlier today

in addition to the 1080p high bit rate HD video playback performance, the general idea of the netnote system is to directly toughen the modified system and be compatible with externally controlled MP3, which can be played without starting the operating system. The digital TV module can simultaneously receive CMMB standard digital signals through the satellite and ground transmission systems, and the FM transmitter can enable users to directly connect leap-x1c engines in the vehicle or on the vehicle through the netnote equipment. It is a broadcast signal for large jet aircraft engines developed by CFM international, a large aircraft engine manufacturer jointly established by the international company General Electric of the United States and SNECMA of France with a capital ratio of 50%

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