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Which brand to choose is the most perplexing problem for Mumen franchise agency! In fact, no matter the brand size, a very important factor is that the style of wooden doors should be diverse, which can meet the needs of more consumer groups

the door is the first impression that the family brings to the visitors. The sense of style is very important, which highlights the personality and taste of the owner of the house. Nowadays, the wooden doors with different styles make consumers cross eyed. Choosing the classic and popular style is the right solution, which is generous and will not fall behind. As one of the top ten brands of wooden doors in China, tree life wooden doors briefly introduces several popular styles and features for you. Which one is your favorite

the first: Chinese style. Chinese wooden doors are made of noble, thick and solid logs. Although the shape is traditional, it can perfectly show the true color of wood grain. And now in the process of making wooden doors, the technology of patchwork has been added to mix different lines, either regular or irregular, or the two are integrated together. The wooden patterns of the Chinese wooden door made in this way are pure and natural. They are very particular about the brightness and sense of brightness. The style is rich and prominent, giving people an atmospheric aesthetic feeling and artistic enjoyment. They are especially loved by consumers in China

European style

the second: European classical style. European classical style is a kind of classical style that pursues luxuriance, luxury and elegance. Its architectural style is deeply influenced by history and culture. European classical style wooden door, with the concept of paying equal attention to beauty and practicality, has the characteristics of luxury, elegance, harmony, comfort and romance. The whole atmosphere is magnificent and rich. The decorations are cumbersome, classical in shape, irregular but very charming. The color is soft but not dull, creating a natural soft feeling

simple style

the third: simple style. The simple style reflects a certain artistic conception while being economical, practical and comfortable. Specifically, the simple style not only pays attention to the practicality of the room, but also reflects the refinement and personality of modern social life, which is in line with the living taste of modern people., Simple style door is also the mainstream choice of decoration. Whether it's doors or other furniture, the simple style can always bring people a relaxed and comfortable feeling. The door with simple style is simple in shape, which often relies on a straight line to create subtle changes, or inlaid glass to break the heavy feeling and create a transparent and flexible sense of space. People who choose simple style doors often advocate simplifying life

in addition, the choice of wooden door style can be determined according to the home decoration style. If the home decoration style is stable and simple, the wooden door can choose a simple and generous style. If the home decoration style is bright and concise, the wooden door should choose a unique style; If the home decoration style is classical and elegant, the wooden door can be thick and elegant

the style of wooden door reflects a kind of life attitude, which is either simple tradition, personalized trend, or simple fashion. Tree life brand focuses on high-end light luxury style and advocates a fashionable and elegant lifestyle, which is loved by most consumer groups. Join Mumen and choose brand Mumen tree life




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