Feng Shui guide for children's room decoration

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Children are the flowers of the motherland, the pillars of the nation's future, and also the hope and heirs for the continuation and prosperity of the family. Therefore, when decorating your family, you must not ignore the pattern and layout of the children's room. So what should we pay attention to when decorating the children's room

1. Children's bedrooms should be quiet and well lit

it should not be set beside the kitchen and toilet to avoid smoke and moisture affecting their health, and the door should not collide with the toilet door to cause evil gas attack; It is not suitable to hang many wind chimes in the room, otherwise the air convection caused by opening the door and window will lead to constant ringing, which is easy to cause baby neurasthenia

2. Children's bedrooms should not be too large

because children are in the growth and development period of their bodies, their energy and spirit are not sound enough, and the area is too large, forming a bad geomantic pattern of fierce house adults. Moreover, it is in line with the principle of heaven and earth that villains live in huts, which can avoid the risk of excessive consumption of blessings and affecting their future prospects

3. Don't have too many mirrors and glass ornaments in children's bedrooms

the fixed mirror in a girl's room can't face the bed either, because the mirror and glass are hidden yin or Yin objects. Too many mirrors and glass ornaments or facing the bed are easy to cause children to be frightened or evil, and the gain is not worth the loss

4. The main color of children's bedroom should be warm, clean and soft

dark color should not be used, because dark color represents great ferocity, and it is easy to suppress children's innocent nature and induce depression and loneliness; The ceiling must be installed in a flat style, and try not to have the beam pressing the top, so as not to affect the children's study movement

5. The floor of children's bedroom is of high quality

the wooden floor with no formaldehyde pollution exceeding the standard is the best (it is not easy to fall, easy to clean, and easy to play games on the ground), followed by the ceramic tile floor. Try not to lay carpets with plush, so as to avoid creating an environment where bacteria breed, affecting the development of children's respiratory system, and increasing the workload of daily maintenance and cleaning of adults

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the word sleep quality is believed to be familiar to many people, especially those who struggle in the first and second tier cities. They should have deep feelings. After a busy day, they are obviously tired to vomit blood, but lying in bed is like an ant biting. Tossing and turning, they just can't find Duke Zhou to play chess

or there are too many things. It's like a long TV series is on in my mind, and I always fantasize about all kinds of pictures

make yourself sleepy at all, resulting in being sleepless with your mobile phone for a long night

what is the reason for the poor sleep quality

in my opinion, eliminate your physical reasons and check whether there are any mistakes in Feng Shui in the bedroom

now let me know

1.? The top of the beam is not only your luck, but also your health

everyone should be familiar with the beam coping in Feng Shui. We all know that whether it's office or home, the presence of a beam on your head will definitely suppress your luck, not to mention your sleep. Just think, when sleeping, the beam above is like someone holding a stick across his head. Who dares to sleep! Even if you fall asleep, it must be accompanied by nightmares

solution: try changing the direction of the bedside, or install a false ceiling

2.? The light in the bedroom is too strong, which makes you flustered

don't underestimate the power of light. Why do you put a particularly dazzling white light desk lamp in a dark cabin when trying prisoners? That's because strong light has a great impact on people's spirit. Too strong light will lead to people's mental tension and neurasthenia. But it should not be too dark, otherwise it will cause depression and listlessness

solution: you can choose Beige light instead of white light

3.? The head of the bed is opposite the gate, and money can't be kept if you want to

the door of the bedroom is facing the gate. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is an opposite image, either you die or I live! It is not you, the "common people", who suffer from the war between the two armies. It has a very bad influence on your luck. If you are not careful with the head of the bed facing the gate, your luck is even more capricious and depressed. Most importantly, you can't keep the money in your pocket if you want to

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