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since the integrated wall became popular, the comparison between integrated wall decoration and traditional decoration has never stopped. Is it better to use integrated wall decoration or paint? It's clear at a glance by comparison

1. Although integrated wall is a new product, it has many advantages. The construction of integrated wall is simple, which can be completed by two people without more workers, and the construction period is short, which saves a lot of manpower and time

the sound insulation effect of the integrated wall is very good. Changing rooms at home will lead to failure to connect to WiFi. This is very convenient for children and the elderly to live. In addition, the price of the integrated wall is relatively expensive, which is close to the cost of diatom mud. At present, there are many brands and more complex. In a new industry, standardization always takes time/2. Traditional painting and hanging white. The traditional decoration method is the mode of putty, latex paint, or wallpaper. For this mode, most people are willing to choose. The comparison has a history of many years. All aspects are relatively mature and stable, and the supervision is relatively strict

3. Compared with the decorative effect of emulsion paint, the decorative effect is colorful, the wall surface is smooth, and the integrity is strong, but the lack of texture is also one of his weaknesses. Just like wearing an ordinary dry shirt, it's hard to stand out. The integrated wall has rich colors and patterns, with imitation wood grain, stone grain, cloth art and other effects. The decorative effect is unified as a whole, and the surface texture is clear. It can be said that no matter what style and environmental atmosphere the owner needs, as long as the right integrated wall is selected, it can be created. Therefore, in home decoration, the integrated wall is the most convenient decorative material to express the design style and improve the environmental grade

4. Comparison of service life in terms of emulsion paint itself, the key factor determining its service life is the adhesion duration of its base material, that is, the film-forming material of lotion. The specific functional indicators are shown in the scrub resistance and alkali resistance of this emulsion paint. The scrub resistance can directly reflect the paint adhesion ability of an emulsion paint. Alkali resistance, to a certain extent, reflects the performance of this latex paint product to resist environmental erosion. However, the environmental conditions of each family are different, among which the wall condition, space humidity, human factors will affect the service life of latex paint. Generally speaking, the service life of interior wall emulsion paint is about 5 years. Beyond this time, the walls may appear dusting, peeling and other phenomena to varying degrees. The service life of integrated walls of different brands and different quality is also different, generally up to 15-30 years! At present, there are three kinds of integrated wall materials in the market: aluminum alloy, bamboo fiber and wood plastic. These three materials are widely used, with good performance, environmental protection, impact resistance and strong plasticity, which ensure the high strength of the materials and improve the service life of the integrated wall

the rise of integrated walls cannot completely deny the function of traditional decoration materials. As for whether integrated walls are better or painted, everyone has their own cognition, mainly depending on their own requirements and preferences for the decoration environment

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