Why do many local tyrants spend money but fail to

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What are you most worried about when shopping

that is, I spent money and didn't buy good things

many "local tyrants" spend money on replacing aluminum alloy doors and windows when decorating, but they don't buy good doors and windows. For various reasons, the elite circles of yunzhicai doors and windows are "worried" about the pain. It's not because you spent money, because the money is yours, but because you wasted money, but because you didn't buy good doors and windows of the same quality

what is "good doors and windows"

doors and windows are the "eyes" of the house and the guardian God of the home. Good doors and windows are doors and windows that can improve the quality of home life. They integrate design, installation, color selection, air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation effect, durability, etc

1. Design? Are doors and windows related to design? Of course it does. There are two kinds of designs. The first is the structural design of product profiles, which is designed by each door and window brand according to the market demand. Whether the structural design is reasonable or not is directly related to the air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation effect, bearing capacity and decoration of the doors and windows. For example, in the north wind howling, the balcony sliding door should choose the door with the fan material stuck into the frame groove, and the wall thickness should not be less than 1.4mm; For residents lower than the third floor, it is best to use the door with key for the sliding door of the balcony, and it is best to use the casement window with anti prying function for the outdoor window. It is recommended to install one-piece casement windows with protective barriers in all high-rise buildings. In order to save energy, it is recommended to use bridge breaking products

another concept of design is product layout planning, which also directly affects the practicality and aesthetics of door and window products. For example, if the sliding door is more than 2500mm, it is recommended to make a bright window (fixed positioning), and the width of each door leaf is recommended not to exceed 1500mm; The opening handle of the window generally follows the adult standard, and the distance from the handle to the ground shall not be higher than 1700mm, which is usually set at 1500mm; In consideration of safety, windows should be set as fixed position below 900mm, and the number of opening positions should be set according to the size of the house and personal needs. In addition, no matter the door or window, the height of the opening position must be designed according to the aesthetic standard. The height and width, width and height do not meet the aesthetic standard

2. Material selection. Material selection includes the selection of product structure and the determination of product material. Good doors and windows are also exquisite in the selection of materials. One is recycled aluminum, with rough cuts and surfaces, dim and "brittle" materials. Another kind of profile is generated from raw aluminum ingot and added with silicon, magnesium and titanium elements. It has better toughness, gloss, adhesion and bearing capacity. Generally, it is good. The aluminum material has flat incision, solid density and strong hardness (it can be tested by hand pressing)

3. Color selection. The color of doors and windows is also related to the aesthetics and collocation of the whole home environment. Many people choose dark wood grain for furniture, indoor doors and floors, but light solid color for door and window products; Or other home furnishings are matte color, and the color of doors and windows is bright color, which is a more exotic collocation. Environmental protection and weather resistance should also be considered in color selection, because many production enterprises adopt non environmental coloring processes in order to reduce costs. This is not only an environmental problem, but also discoloration, paint loss and other phenomena

4. Selection of hardware accessories. Hardware accessories are the core of door and window products. Many owners don't care about its material, only about its appearance, and are unwilling to spend more money on better accessories, or many manufacturing enterprises use low-quality hardware accessories in order to improve price competitiveness. Hardware accessories are directly related to the opening and closing feel, flexibility, safety and service life of doors and windows, or directly related to the after-sales extended warranty service

5. Decoration sequence. Many owners always believe that the doors and windows should be fixed after the tiles are pasted for the first time. In fact, it is not the case. Doors and windows should be installed before the tiles are pasted, because this is related to the closing and waterproof treatment of doors and windows, which directly affects the beauty, durability and practicality of doors and windows. Therefore, yunzhicai door and window reminder: set the door and window before decoration

in fact, there are many factors that affect the standard of good doors and windows, such as tempered glass that directly affects safety, packaging that directly affects transportation safety and brand image, and beautiful gluing and installation




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