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House soft decoration is an important part of home decoration. According to the characteristics of soft decoration, marg wardrobe analyzed several necessary events of house soft decoration, which attracted the attention of consumers

What is the outfit? The so-called soft decoration refers to other movable and easily replaceable decorations, such as curtains, sofas, cushions, wall hangings, carpets, bedding, lamps, decorative crafts, bedroom plants, etc., in addition to the fixed and immovable decorations in interior decoration, such as floors, ceilings, walls, doors and windows, etc., which are the secondary furnishings and layout of the bedroom. So what should we pay attention to in the process of building soft decoration

the furnishing of residential soft furniture is the core

furniture is the most important part of the overall home decoration. The style, size and shape of the most important large furniture, such as sofa, bed, dining table and bookcase, will also determine the basic tone and spatial structure of the overall home decoration. When choosing soft decoration products, you should first choose furniture, then choose lighting, cloth art, various ornaments, decorative paintings, decorative blankets, etc., and the overall collocation should be coordinated

soft products involve a variety of categories, styles, materials and styles, and it takes a lot of time to choose and match. If you want to save time, money and worry, it is best to refer to the soft fitting guidelines provided by the designer under the guidance of the overall design and when customizing furniture

starting from the whole, find a style suitable for yourself

soft decoration is an overall concept, which is not equal to the simple addition of living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom furnishings. Every area and product of soft packaging is an organic part of the overall environment. It is integrated, can communicate with the soul, create a highly personalized and harmonious realm, and bring a higher quality of home life for the owner. Soft furnishings lacking overall design may be good in terms of individual details and local effects, but they are often difficult to integrate as a whole, and even living in them for a long time will form negative effects in environmental psychology

although the soft decoration of the house is for others to see, it is more important to take into account the "beautiful" and be more suitable for yourself. For example, if we buy clothes that are not suitable for us, even if the clothes are beautiful, you will not be able to wear them "beautiful", so what is suitable for you is the best

choose soft clothes according to your own economic situation

soft clothes style is not unchanging, the same style will be divided into different categories, and the sexual price of various soft clothes styles is also different. Indoor soft decoration is to create a relaxed and stress free living environment. If decoration brings pressure to life, it will not pay off. Home is the harbor of love. When you are at home, you will naturally relax. This is enjoyment. At the same time, when purchasing soft goods, we should also keep in mind that high prices do not necessarily mean high quality, and low prices do not necessarily mean falling prices. If the economic conditions are limited, then it is necessary to invest limited money in important parts, such as the most prominent sofa, the grade can be high or low

the design should highlight the key points and adhere to self

the price of soft packaging products will vary greatly due to different material types and process complexity. On the premise of ensuring the required quality and process level, the purchase of soft decoration products should be based on the principle of highlighting the key points and the best collocation, and in the process of communicating with the interior soft decoration designer, we must find out what we want, give priority to our own will, supplemented by the designer's ideas, and highlight our own unique elements in the interior soft decoration through the designer's hands





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